Community Service Bulletin Board
[posted 8/28/19]
Community Service Opportunity: Learn about Neurodiversity
DC Peers is looking for middle and high school students who are interested in helping us make our schools and community friendlier, more inclusive, and more accepting of those who have neurological differences. In our biweekly, 90-minute Social Club and Neurodiversity Groups, students get community service hours for learning from, and sharing with, their autistic and other peers. We talk about and practice the social interactions all teens face, problem solving about misunderstandings and awkward moments. We meet on Sundays near Tenleytown. For more information or to apply, write to Cathy at crobertson@dcpeers.org or call 202-996-0339 as soon as you can. Our first orientation is on September 15, and sessions begin on September 27.