If you'd like to access your DCPS Aspen Account, click here: http://aspen.dcps.dc.gov

Si desea acceder a su cuenta Aspen de DCPS, haga clic aquí: http://aspen.dcps.dc.gov

Need Help with Aspen?

Are you a Wilson student or parent who needs help accessing your account or resetting your password? To submit a request for help, click here: http://wilsonhs.org/aspenissues/

¿Necesita Ayuda con Aspen?

¿Es usted un estudiante o padre de Wilson que necesita ayuda para acceder a su cuenta o restablecer su contraseña? Para enviar una solicitud de ayuda, haga clic aquí: http://wilsonhs.org/aspenissues_span/​​​​​​​

How to Subscribe to Email Notifications in Aspen

​​​​​​​Parents and students can subscribe to receive email messages when a grade below the threshold you define is recorded. 

To subscribe to email notifications, do the following: 

1. In the Family portal: Click the “Family” tab. In the Student portal: Click the “My Info” tab.

2. Click the “Notification” side-tab.

At the top of the page, the email addresses associated with your account appear. Select the checkbox next to each email address you want to receive notifications for. 

Select the “Subscribe” checkbox if you want to receive that email notification. For the Grades notification, define a Grade Threshold between 1 and 100. The system will send an email when the student receives a grade below that percentage.