School History
Woodrow Wilson High School is one of 16 public high schools in the District of Columbia. The school celebrated its 75th anniversary and the end of a major renovation in October of 2011 with a weekend celebration featuring a Gala Reunion as well as a music and arts festival. 

See the the sections on the right which discuss the 75th anniversary celebration as well as the sustainability features and improvements made during the recent renovation.
Woodrow Wilson High School opened its doors to scholars in the Tenleytown neighborhood in 1935 and continues to serve over 1,500 local students as well as scholars from all 22 zip codes in D.C. The school focuses on a college preparatory curriculum.

School Song

Youth of Wilson, still undaunted
Banners to the sky are flaunted.
Daring hearts and hands are wanted
Onward! Seek the light.
Youth of Wilson, never yielding,
Swords of truth and courage wielding,
Name of honor ever shielding,
Battle for the right.
Tear the false asunder,
Trample error under,
Let valor fly in all the sky,
And virtue speak in thunder.
Youth of Wilson, school of glory,
Make her name live on in story,
Let the echoes ring back bravely:
Dear old Wilson High.