College and Career Center
The purpose of the College and Career Center is to provide information and assistance to students to help them plan for and achieve their post-graduation goals. This includes assisting them with the college application process and other options. The Center provides students with the opportunity to meet with over 150 college representatives, as well as with representatives from the military, trade schools, the police cadet training program, the firefighters, and other post-secondary opportunities. These programs are open to all juniors and seniors with the permission of their teachers.
Patrice Arrington is the College and Career Center Coordinator. She also has expertise with the NCAA. She was the recruiting coordinator at Fordham University as well as the assistant volleyball coach for three years and worked closely with admissions while in this role. Ms. Arrington played twelve years of professional volleyball and was on our USA National Team for four years.

Ms. Arrington's hours are Monday-Friday, 8:15 am - 4:30 pm. 
Email her at patrice.arrington@dc.gov or make an appointment.
The College and Career Center works closely with the Counseling Department.
Below please find documents related to the college application process.