Policies & Procedures
The Wilson High School locker room policy is in place to ensure the safety of all who use the athletic locker room.  All staff, coaches, and scholars must follow these guidelines.

Coaches and Teachers must:

  1. Escort his or her team/class to the locker room
  2. Unlock the door so that the team may enter and dress for the game/class
  3. Walk through the locker room to check for lagging scholars
  4. Make certain the entire team/class has exited
  5. LOCK the locker room door
  6. Escort team/class to its designated practice or instructional area.
  7. After practice/class, escort team/class out of the building or back to gym to prepare for dismissal.
During School Hours:
  • A physical education teacher will occupy an office in the locker room.
  • Doors opening into the athletic teams’ locker room MUST be locked during school hours.
  • No scholar is allowed in the team locker rooms any time before 3:15 pm.
After School Hours:
  • The only athletes allowed in the locker rooms are the athletes whose teams are currently playing.
  • NO athlete is to be left unattended in the locker room for any reason at any time to ensure the safety and security of the athlete.

As a preventative measure, any administrator, coach, dean, or teacher may conduct hall/gym/locker room sweep of the entire athletic wing to ensure these guidelines are being followed.

Discipline Protocol

If anyone fails to follow these procedures, that particular individual/team/class is in jeopardy of:

1st Verbal Warning
2nd Verbal Warning
Written Documentation
Locker Room Keys revoked