Policies & Procedures
All lockers are the property of Woodrow Wilson High School

  • The homeroom teacher will issue a locker to each scholar during homeroom on the first day of school.
  • Scholars new to Wilson, after the first day of school, must see their dean to obtain a locker.
  • Scholars can retrieve locker combinations from their dean when needed. Scholars are to access their lockers before and after school and during STEP.
  • Scholars are NOT to stop at their lockers between classes.
  • Lockers are made available for scholar use to store school supplies and personal items necessary for use at school.
  • Lockers are to be kept clean with all of the items secured behind the locked door.
  • Scholars will lose their locker privilege if they abuse the locker policy.
  • The school assumes NO responsibility for loss or damage of any item in a locker, locked or unlocked.
  • At any time, the school administration can search lockers to assure the safety of the school.  A scholar need not be present when his/her locker is being searched.
  • Scholars are solely responsible for the contents of the locker.
  • Scholars are not to share lockers with another scholar.
  • Scholars will be charged a $5 fee for damaged lockers.
Clearance of Lockers
  •   All lockers will be cleared out at the end of the year.
  •   Any items left in the lockers will become school property.
  •   Locks will be changed for every locker over the summer.