Policies & Procedures
Every Day, the Tiger Way — R.O.A.R.!

Respect self, others, property, ideas, and the environment.
Demonstrate respect and concern for all members of our learning community.
Protect our campus and keep it clean, green, and safe. Dress for success.

Be accountable for your own actions and reactions.
Bring appropriate learning materials to school every day: books, notebooks, writing instruments.
Enter the building early enough to secure materials for morning classes.
Work to your full potential in all classes.
Seek help and support when you need it. Set high goals and develop a plan for success.
Serve all consequences for being late to school and classes.
Contribute to a positive, professional learning environment.
Be an active learner—cooperate and perform in class.
Be prepared for class—have all necessary supplies.
Demonstrate school spirit and pride—get involved in extracurricular activities.
Identify oneself when asked by a staff member.

Arrive at school no later than 8:30 a.m. every day. Arrive at every class on time.
Have no more than one absence per month.

Carry your school ID at all times.
Have a signed pass (in this planner) when in the halls during instruction time.
Only eat food in the cafeteria, stadium seating, rose garden, and atrium.
If on early release, be out of the building or in a supervised area when the tardy bell rings.
Go to your locker only before school and during STEP.
Comply with the directives of all adults in our school.
Know and follow all school rules, policies, and procedures.
Know and monitor your academic progress (grades) in each of your classes
Be in control at all times.

The Tiger Way Prohibits . . .
• Illegal substances on school grounds.
• Weapons of any kind anywhere on campus.
• Confrontations of any kind (verbal or physical).
• Personal items left unattended in any area in the building.
• Electronic devices visible or in use unless specifically instructed by a teacher or staff person.
• Gambling anywhere on campus.