Special Education

The Department of Special Education at Wilson works to integrate all students that receive special education services into the Wilson Community. We offer specialized instruction in an inclusion setting as well as self-contained environments. To best meet the needs of our students in the inclusion setting our teachers practice the six approaches to co-teaching which include: One Teach, One Observe; One Teach, One Assist; Parallel Teaching; Station Teaching; Alternative Teaching; and Team Teaching.

To best serve the needs of our students in the self-contained setting we offer classes in the four content areas of Math, English, Science and Social Studies from grades 9 through 12. These courses are comprised of one special education teacher, an educational aide, and no more than 15 special education students which will allow students to receive additional support in the particular subject area. Our current population includes scholars with specific learning disabilities, emotionally disturbances, intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities, autism, vision-impairments, and hearing impairments. We are also staffed to provide related services in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavior support services, speech and language services, and audiology.

The Special Education department at Woodrow Wilson High School strives to provide a free appropriate public education for all students with disabilities. It is our jobs to ensure that all students are receiving a rigorous and quality filed education based on DCPS standards.
For more information, contact Monica Kurude at Monica.kurude@dc.gov. 
In addition, Dr. Joseph Deering, Chairman of the Committee on Parental Communication and Engagement, Department of Special Education, has prepared two resource packets for special education students and their parents. The first resource packet contains information on study tips, classroom accommodations, and organizational skills. The second resource packet contains information on test taking strategies. For further information, please contact Dr. Joseph Deering, Department of Special Education, at: joseph.deering@dc.gov.