Academy of Finance
The Academy of Finance (AOF) provides powerful tools and knowledge that students will use every day in their adult lives, both professionally and personally. First, paralleling the normal academic track, it is an elective course of study that teaches students how to build and protect wealth; save; invest; manage financial assets; and understand money. Regardless of career choice, the principles and knowledge learned will be used to protect personal wealth and build stability. 

AOF students are provided with the keys to understanding personal financial management techniques that can lead to financial security. Doctor, lawyer, business person, researcher, teacher . . . when it comes to our financial well-being, we are all looking to do the right thing.

Lead Teacher: Ms. Dee Ward, Room C214A, deirdia.ward@dc.gov

More Benefits of the Academy of Finance (AOF)
A Recognized CTE Program

$ Exposure to modern technology 

$ Coursework opportunities for college credit 

$ Annual field trips

$ Participation in the Stock Market Game 

$ Development of advanced communication skills 

$ Internships with various financial institutions

$ A solid academic background experience for those who might want to pursue a career in the financial management industry 

$ Recreational team-building activities

$ Corporate workshops

Dee Ward, AOF Lead Teacher

The Academy of Finance began in the fall of 1997 and was certified in the fall of 1998 by the National Academy Foundation.

Course work gives students an introduction to the world of business and finance, accounting, entrepreneurship and corporate management. The program provides placements for student internships and summer jobs with the academy's partner organizations. For more information, contact Lead Teacher Ms. Dee Ward at Deirdia.ward@dc.gov.

Dr Theodore Daniels of the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development will presented on "Financial Literacy" to AOF scholars on Wednesday December 4th. 

Below  see academy students  about to head in  four directions in the NY subway system. The Academy of Finance headed south to tour Wall Street and Pace university. The tour was led by an 2010 AOF grad.

AOF Visited Pace College during the Fall 2013 New York Trip