Counseling Department
The mission of the Woodrow Wilson High School counseling program is to promote the academic, career, personal, emotional, and social development of ALL students and prepare them to be responsible and productive citizens of a global society. The Wilson High School Counseling Program attempts to integrate the various facets of a student's development both academically and emotionally at the high school level. To do this, the entire department provides students with the following services: 

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Educational and career planning
  • Academic development
  • College preparation and access
  • Consultation with parents and staff
  • Information programs and activities
  • Crisis intervention/problem solving
  • Student advocacy
Ways to Access the Counseling Department
Students can see their counselors before school (not later than 8:40 am), during STEP, and/or after school. Please see the Administrative Support Team page to see who the counselor for your grade is.

Unless it is an emergency, students should refrain from dropping by the counseling department between classes as counselors often have meetings and other appointments during classtime. In the case of an emergency, students may obtain a pass from their teacher to see a counselor, or they may be escorted by a faculty or staff member.

Parents wishing to make an appointment with their child’s counselor are encouraged to email the counselor directly. To call the counseling department, call Wilson's main number, 202.282.0120, and ask to be put through to the counseling department. 

Instructions to Log in to Naviance

SENIORS MUST Complete Login to Family Connection

Go to Wilson’s Family Link – http://connection.naviance.com/wilsonhs
Username: DCPS Student ID
Password Birthdate (mmddyyyy)
Add email address: Click on ABOUT ME tab
Click on Manage my account in the upper right hand corner
Click on manage my profile
Click on the picture icon of the pencil to add your email address and confirm, then click Update