Library Media Center

A beautiful, two-level facility designed to accommodate the diverse learning styles of all students.

Level one is our LIBRARY COMMONS: a quiet space for independent reading, research and study, replete with study tables and computer stations to support 120 students. On occasion, areas of this room transform to facilitate multiclass literary and cultural speaker events, media-driven workshops/seminars and spoken word showcases and poetry slams. 

The second level is our MEDIA COMMONS: the location of our Instructional Research Lab (25 desktop systems, whiteboard, and Promethium board) small conference room and multimedia production/television studio. At STEP (lunch), it is a more relaxed, "Not so Quiet" space for small group research and project development.

Our Resources
Thanks to the commitment of the DC Public Schools, our administration, and teachers and parents, Wilson's library media program is fortunate to have a strong collection of resources and recreational readings that include: print, audio and virtual (E-) books; periodicals; electronic articles; multimedia databases; and general and topic specific, web-based, information resource guides vetted and curated by our own Wilson librarian. For many more resources, please see the library website, which is maintained by Ms. Gardner.

Pamela Lipscomb Gardner - Librarian/Media Specialist   wwilsonlms@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Levenson - Library Assistant  Elizabeth.levenson@dc.gov

The library media center is open Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Fridays from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. No passes are necessary when using the library before 8:45 AM, during lunch, or after school. A pass is required during class time. Student IDs are required at all times.

Library Computer Lab
Library computers offer Internet access, reference CD-ROMs and other software to aid research. Students are encouraged to use the computers in the library for classroom assignments or independent study. The computers may not be used for any other reason. Violation of this rule may result in suspension of computer privileges.


Library Use
The purpose of the Wilson Library is to support and supplement classroom learning activities with appropriate instruction, services, and physical resources. To this end, during class hours, use of the library is open to individual students and groups of students (up to five) who have a student building pass signed by a Wilson faculty member. The Wilson Library is also available for use by entire classrooms of students who are directly supervised by a Wilson faculty member. Before school (beginning at 8:00 am) and during lunch period, the library is open for use by students and faculty. If a group wishes to reserve a portion of the library for use before (7:30 to 8:30 am) or after school (3:30 to 5:00 pm), a group representative must contact the library staff to reserve a space. Groups wishing to use the Wilson Library in the evening (after 5:00 pm) must contact Brandon Odom (brandon.odom@dc.gov) to make a room reservation.

Borrowing Privileges
Students enrolled at Wilson High School are entitled to borrow materials from the Wilson Library Media Center, provided they present a Wilson student ID card with a library bar code sticker at the time they check out materials. Borrowers with overdue items are not allowed to check out additional materials. Student borrowers are limited to the maximum check out of five (5) books and three (3) magazines. Wilson High School faculty is also entitled to borrow materials from the Wilson Library Media Center.

Library Conduct
Patrons using the Wilson Library are expected to respect the need of fellow patrons for a quiet work environment. All of the behavior expectations that apply in a classroom also apply in the Wilson Library Media Center. Patrons are reminded that all food and drink (other than water) are prohibited within the public areas of the Wilson Library Media Center. Faculty members are expected to directly supervise a class of students brought into the Wilson Library.


Sign up for Computer and Class Use
Faculty members wishing to reserve computers or reserve a section of the library must sign up with Ms. Gardner at wwilsonlms@yahoo.com. Faculty members are expected to directly supervise a class of students brought into the Wilson Library. The media center will accommodate up to two classes per instructional period

Sending Individual or Groups of Students to Use the Library
A faculty member may send up to five (5) students to the Wilson Library, provided that the students are listed on a student building pass signed by the faculty member and the student building pass is presented to Wilson Library staff as the students enter the library. The Wilson Library staff reserves the right to send students back to the classroom if the library is too crowded or if students behave inappropriately.


Loan Periods
Materials in the general library collection are loaned for a two-week (14 calendar days) period. Materials in the circulating reference collection are loaned overnight or until the next school day. Back issues of magazines are loaned for a three day (3 school days) period. Materials in the general collection may be renewed twice, while materials from the reference collection may be renewed once. Materials in non-circulating reference must be used in the Wilson Library.

Lost or Damaged Materials
Patrons who lose materials loaned from the general and reference collections are charged the replacement cost plus five dollars for each item. Patrons are charged five dollars for each item lost from the magazine collection. Patrons are charged for damage to materials while loaned to them.

Learn about our Digital Archives Project, November 2014.  Download the powerpoint below.